About Wisely

Wisely Law Office, a partnership law office, was approved by Tianjin Judicial Bureau. This law office was sponsored and organized by three lawyers Mr. Cai Hua, Mr. Su Shengli and Mr. Liu Tongguang, who graduated from China University Of Political Science & Law. Later on, a lot of lawyers with long credentials of legal service joined to this law office one after another, and most of them have the degree of Master or Doctor of Economics or Laws. Up to now, there have been more than 50 lawyers and nearly 10 administrative personnel working for the office. At present, this office has 700? office work area in the center of Tianjin city and a complete set of modern office equipment. Through continuous development, the scope of Wisely Law Office is becoming better and approaching perfection day by day.

The service purpose of this Law Office is to create a large-scale and high standard law office, which is suitable for development of the market economy, and to provide all personalities of various circles with our professional law services with high efficiency and better service attitude.

This law office is mainly engaged in the work of action at law or non-action at law in the fields of demanding repayment of past debt, finance and real estate, commerce, trading, maritime affairs and maritime insurance, intellectual property, criminal defense and so on. All of the founders and employees of this law office are legal experts, who have already taken legal services many yeas or have been engaged in judicial practices for a long period, and possess rich experiences and skills to handle every kind of legal affairs. By mutually learning each other and listening to all useful opinions, they are sure to obtain best results in dealing with complex situation and cases.

This law office devotes to wide communication with famous law offices at home and abroad. At present, this law office has established cooperation relations with more than 20 law offices in coastal economically developed regions and interior area at home and also established closed coordinated relations with several law offices in Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore in order to present our customers with better information and consultation services.

Wisely Law Office has possessed broad customers, best social reputation and excellent software and hardware conditions and made a workable and realistic plan. Using its full knowledge reserves and rich experiences, wisely will provide broad customers with professional and perfect legal services.

This law office firmly believes that a sincere service and superb professional level is the only proper course to win a high reputation and domestic and international markets: By obeying the aim of this law office and providing sincere service, this law office shall set our own banner in the legal and trade world.

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